Online Lessons

Online lessons are available for violin, viola and cello. What are online lessons? What are the set up costs? What benefits does an online lesson provide? Read on to find out.

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How does an online lesson work?

Many people are surprised to discover that online lessons are very similar to in person lessons. The computer becomes our 'room' and communication can be very clear.  Lessons are initiated by logging into a video calling program like Zoom and waiting for a call at our pre-arranged lesson time. Payment for lessons can be made via PayPal or direct deposit.

Who will online lessons work for?

Online violin lessons will be an effective learning platform for most people. Children & teenagers are generally very skilled computer users and enjoy being online. In general, if a student is engaged, attentive, and willing to practice, he or she can learn effectively online. For young beginners (under 8 years) a parent will also need to sit in on the lessons to help with any manual adjustment that may be needed. 

What are the set-up costs?

Most newer computers have inbuilt cameras, microphones and speakers that will provide adequate sound quality without having to purchase anything. Skype is free to download, just head to 

To improve the quality of video or sound you could add a webcam &/or a microphone. A webcam can cost as little as $35.00 and costs go upwards from there. Microphones vary in price but generally start at about $80.00 and go up from there.

You will need an internet connection and high quality broadband is best for video calls.

What benefits can online lessons provide?

Here are just a few benefits that online lessons can give:

Weekly Convenience - no extra travel time is needed to and from lessons. Learn right from your own home.

Immediate Practicing - the first practice session of the week is the most important. With the lesson fresh in mind and instrument at the ready this makes it easy to get in the most effective practice of the week and see the best results.

Some problems can be diagnosed more quickly - some technique issues stem from the practice environment. i.e. the position of the music stand or whether students are worried about playing too loudly and disturbing others.

Is there any support for students outside the lesson?

To assist with practicing I am always happy to answer any questions that students or parents might have. I can be contacted by phone or email. I also make recordings available to listen to, or play along with, as needed.

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