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About Music Lessons


Who can enrol for violin, viola or cello lessons?

Asher teaches all ages and levels. Anyone from 4 years of age can enrol for violin lessons. For viola and cello lessons students should be a little older as the instruments are larger. Young players repond intuitively while older beginners readily grasp technical concepts. The most important part of learning is having a regular practice schedule.


What will I learn at my lessons?

Beginners start with the basics of having a comfortable hold of the instrument and bow. Then we then learn to read music. As you develop fingering and bowing skills we will cover material that can prepare you for AMEB exams. Doing exams is optional, but recommended, as having a goal aids progress. We develop intonation and tone quality and learn how to interpret pieces musically. Most lessons have three parts: scales, studies and pieces. 


When can I have my lesson?

Lessons are arranged at times that are convenient for you. When filling in the booking form just let us know what times are best.


What benefits does learning an instrument bring?

Lots. The benefits include:

  • increasing the capacity of your memory;

  • refines time management and organizational skills;

  • enhances coordination;

  • betters maths ability;

  • boosts team skills;

  • teaches perseverance;

  • improves reading and comprehension skills;

  • sharpens concentration;

  • fosters self expression and relieves stress;

  • promotes social skills;

  • teaches discipline;

  • creates a sense of achievement;

  • builds listening skills;

  • ...and it's FUN!


What opportunities can playing an instrument provide?

Playing the violin, viola or cello will allow you to bring enjoyment to others. You will have the opportunities to be part of local community groups both small (trio, quartet etc.) and large (orchestras). You will have occasion to give performances, whether public or private, to show off what you have learnt and achieved. Through AMEB exams you meet national standards and can receive nationally recognised qualifications.


What do lessons cost?

Lessons can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour in length.

30 minutes:        $35.00

45 minutes:        $50.00

1 hour:                  $70.00

Lesson fees can be paid per term or per lesson.

Fill in the lesson enquiry form for more information.